Instructions for Applying the XeloTech Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy A54

In these instructions, we show you how to apply the screen protector glass with the help of the included installation frame.

VERY IMPORTANT, you need to do the two simply steps after the installation of your screen protector:

  1. Increase the sensitivity of the display in the settings (watch Video) (Settings -> Display-> Activate touch sensitivity)
  2. After screen protector installation, be sure to register additional fingerprints!

If you have any problems or if the bubbles remain under the glass for more than five days, please contact support and we will help you:

  • Tel-SMS-WhatsApp-iMessage: 0176-63863739
  • Mail:

Please now watch the video:

It is demonstrated here using an iPhone, but it works the same way with Samsung smartphones!

Furthermore, one should bear in mind that all screen protectors primarily offer excellent protection against scratches. For better protection of the display against bumps, a high-quality protective case is additionally needed.

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